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once i had a dream that my cat was working at mcdonalds w/ me and she had a lil uniform and she kept getting fur in the fries and everyone was yelling at me and saying “ur cat sucks on fries” and i was like “shes just a cat give her a break!” and i woke up crying

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the fact that there are no leaked nudes on my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

Bless this post. Leaking nudes is wrong and spreading them is just as bad. Unless the person posted the nudes themselves, it’s immoral to share them

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sometimes i realize there are so many things i won’t remember in 50 years like the way the sky looked this morning and all the dogs i saw today and my mom’s voice and i get so sad i never want to forget

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if a girl asks you for a tampon, I dont care how much you hate that bitch if you have one you hand it over no one deserves that level of hell

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That’s why I have to help him

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too little too late

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this guy was watching the vmas with me and now he’s educating himself how precious is that

he keeps asking me all these questions about aspects of feminism and he’s like “so basically it’s about letting women do what they want without being judged for it” and I was like yea and he was like “oh okay that’s so simple why isn’t everyone a feminist” it’s precious

update: I banged him


there’s a thin line between word and world

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Bop it, Twist it, Pull it, Spin it, Flick it.

fixed it.

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